MERZY The First Mascara

A sensational offer in the world of professional cosmetics – MERZY The First Mascara with doll eyelash effect! A new exclusive tool makes the eyelashes fluffy, creates an expressive look. MERZY The First Mascara is very simple and easy to use. Eyelashes are lush and thick, not glued. A very convenient special brush perfectly stains due to its curved shape with curved bristles, perfectly combes each eyelash, so even the smallest and thinnest ones will not be left without attention. .
To achieve the maximum effect, it’s enough to simply apply it with an even layer from the very roots, shaking the brush and moving it up along the eyelashes. Manufacturers of the MERZY The First Mascara brand insist that throughout the day you will not feel uncomfortable, since the mascara doesn’t spread and not smear, keeping your makeup flawless.
How to use: for best results, start applying from the roots of the eyelashes, swaying the applicator brush and moving it up along the eyelashes.
MERZY The First Mascara

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