Plain Zipper Velvet Fall Women’s Sweatshirt

Velor sweatshirts, especially similar to those from our childhood, really returned to fashion and have already won the hearts and wardrobes of many desperate fashionistas. To explain this is very simple – they are convenient and, oddly enough, universal.
Surprisingly, but it’s a fact: now hoodies fit easily even into a business dress code. For example, they can completely replace a blouse or any other top that you usually wore with a jacket. When choosing such a game in contrasts, remember: the jacket must be oversize so that the hoodie looks organically under it.
The Velvet Fall Women’s Sweatshirt looks spectacular with any jeans: cropped and wide, flared and boyfriends. And you can also complement this combination with anything: with high-heeled shoes and rude boots.
Plain Zipper Velvet Fall Women's Sweatshirt
Plain Zipper Velvet Fall Women's Sweatshirt

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