MERZY Bite The Beat Shadow Palette

Do you like to experiment with makeup, creating bold, bold, effective images? An excellent assistant in this will be the palette of eyeshadow MERZY Bite The Beat Shadow Palette from the famous MERZY brand. In an elegant stylish case, there are 9 bright matte and shimmer colors. All of them are distinguished by good pigmentation, as well as a silky texture, due to which they are easily applied and easily shaded, creating an almost weightless coating and smooth transitions between tones.
A persistent formula will ensure perfect preservation of makeup throughout the day and prevent rolling and shedding of shadows.
Method of application of MERZY Bite The Beat Shadow Palette: apply the lightest shade on the entire eyelid and blend. With the darkest color, move your eyes along the lower eyelashes and blend. With a dark shade, draw a line along the upper eyelashes and in the corners of the eyes. Lightly blend. Apply a darker color to the moving eyelid, carefully blending the color transition.
MERZY Bite The Beat Shadow Palette
MERZY Bite The Beat Shadow Palette

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