HUGO Frida hobo black

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Large, baggy bags is a choice for practicality. Shoppers, hobos, massive travel bags will help you take everything you want with you.
In the 2000s, the model was known as the “croissant bag”, in the 80-s — a simple shapeless bag. And now hobo is again at the peak of popularity. A practical and original model wanders through millennia of fashion.

How to combine stylishly?
The free style of the bag allows you to create, independently decide what is appropriate with a hobo and what is not. Revealing the potential of a fashionista and heartbreaker, hobo handbag in itself is a holistic accent and exactly the accent that many women count on, not daring to radically change something in their look. You are free to stay in your usual clothes, without parting with proven preferences, while not experiencing the slightest discomfort.
About 8 out of 10 women believe that hobo bags are a great addition to their wardrobe and, unlike other attributes, do not require additional changes. Thus, you can stay in your favorite jeans, enjoy everyday trousers, skirts, business suit, while enriching the urban look. Hobo loves boho, and therefore trapezoidal cuts, hoodies, exaggerated parts of clothing, long sleeves and intricate details will only help you see an example of perfect style and beauty in the mirror. If you have wedge or platform shoes lying around in your arsenal; sandals or leather boots — rather combine them with a fashionable bag.
And if you are one of those who cannot live without jewelry and bright trinkets, then this is generally great! The hobo bag itself loves jewelry, which is why fringes are so common on it. Beaded inserts, large beads and bracelets on the handles. Yes, the latter are extremely comfortable components in all models: the product can be worn both in the hands and on the shoulder.
The final touch of a thorough look can be a scarf, headscarf or shawl, and not necessarily on the neck. A shawl casually thrown between the handles, or tied with a harness, it will add charm and romantic mystery to the whole ensemble.

Materials, colors and details
HUGO Frida hobo presented in black. The bag is comfortable to carry on the shoulder. Inside there is a separate cosmetic bag. On the back there is a convenient pocket for keys and a mobile phone. The bag can be turned inside out and carried inside.

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