Kate 5-pocket jeans

Kate 5-pocket jeans can be a great base for any wardrobe

Dark jeans are one of the basic elements of a women’s wardrobe. Their feature is versatility, because they can be used to create a stylish looks in any style. Another advantage: any image with gray or black jeans looks elegant and festive. Today, designers offer a variety of styles of everyday jeans that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding fashionistas. They can be straight or flared, narrowed, tight, as well as with low or high waist.
So, you need to select them taking into account the proportions of the figure (type of figure). There is an opinion that white color fills and, I must say, that this is indeed so. But there are some nuances: if you select a successful model and correctly combine it with other things, then this effect will no longer be noticeable.

How to combine?
In fact, with black jeans or trousers you can make a huge number of sets, so look, choose the ones that you like the most.
A casual look: a gray cotton shirt tucked into  skinny jeans and high-heeled sandals.
A combination that has already become a classic is jeans and a shirt. The shirt can be almost any color! Bright, black, blue denim shirt, checked, with a pattern, white. Perhaps the only nuance when choosing the color of a partner shirt for  jeans: if you choose a white shirt, its tone must certainly coincide with the tone of the trousers! No cream or yellow shades! Otherwise, the shirt will look worn or even dirty compared to snow-white denim.
Dark jeans also go well with blouses. Black and white is a classic and there’s no getting away from it. But if the black bottom and white top are inspired by thoughts about a school uniform and office, then  jeans with a black silk blouse, on the contrary, look fresh and original. Especially if you complement this look with black stiletto pumps. The combination of  jeans with a gray blouse looks interesting. This is a more sophisticated compromise option for a black and white ensemble. Add a third color to this image, for example, juicy bright red beads. You have become unforgettable!

Material, color and details
Kate 5-pocket jeans presented in one shade: dark gray.
A wardrobe staple, the skinny, dark-rinse jeans in stretchy cotton (76%), polyester (22%) and elastane (2%) have classic 5-pocket styling.
Machine wash cold inside out, lay flat to dry. Tumble dry low. Low iron if needed. Materials, colors and details</h4>

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