How to choose correct jeans size for men: tips

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Jeans are a very versatile element of the men’s wardrobe, which is appropriate in almost all situations – on a walk, on a trip, on a date, and even at work, if an informal dress code is allowed. It’s a basic outfit, but like everything else, it can look unflattering if it’s not fitted correctly. Let’s talk about how to choose good men’s jeans in all respects and not be disappointed in their quality in the future.


First, decide which model you want. Style is a parameter determined by two components – the cut and the rise of the fit. Now about each of them in more detail:

  • Standard or straight jeans are a classic model that does not have wide, but not tight legs. Usually, this model overlaps shoes by 1-2 cm. This model of jeans is as neutral as possible suitable for work and office, it looks restrained and unobtrusive.
  • Slim jeans are slightly narrow towards the bottom of the leg. They do not fit the leg much, but emphasize its shape. To date, these are one of the most relevant and stylish models.
  • Skinny jeans hug your leg like leggings. They emphasize the figure, if you do not want this, you should choose a different cut. Skinny jeans are mainly chosen by young people.

The second component of the style is the jeans rise, which is defined as the distance from where the jeans merge (crotch) to the top of the garment. Both the appearance of jeans and the comfort of wearing them depend on the rise. It can be:

  • High – approximately to the level of the navel or slightly higher – at the waist.
  • Medium – just below the navel.
  • Low – around 4 cm below navel.

It is important to choose jeans rise that fits your body type. You should not feel uncomfortable or constrained. If you choose a jeans rise that is too low for you, it will be uncomfortable for you to sit and bend over; if you choose a rise that is too high, you will feel discomfort in the abdomen. Everything needs the right balance, and choosing jeans is no exception. When you decide on the style of the required model, you can proceed to choosing the right size.


The size of men’s jeans is indicated by the manufacturer as two numbers, denoted by “W” and “L”, which means “waist circumference” and “leg length along the inseam”, respectively.

To accurately measure the circumference of the waist, it is not enough just to use a centimeter tape, taking measurements directly from the waist. For the most accurate measurement, take an old washed pair of jeans or trousers that fits you perfectly, fasten their button, lay them in front of you and measure the distance between the extreme points of the belt along the bottom seam at the level of the button. Since the size grid is indicated in inches, the result must be multiplied by 2 and divided by 2.54.

Let’s give an example: the distance between the extreme points of the belt was 47, then 47 * 2 / 2.54 = 37. However, the old clothes are already stretched enough, so when choosing new jeans, subtract 1 from this figure, total correct size = 36.

Inseam leg length is measured as the distance from the crotch to the leg edge along the inseam.

How to choose the best jeans: understanding sizes and quality

Jeans are the most versatile and most popular clothing in the world. They are worn by both men and women. Due to the wide variety of styles, it is always possible to choose the right option that flatters the figure. Fashion for this type of clothing is changeable, but cyclical. Forgotten models eventually return and become popular again.

If you decide to buy jeans, after choosing the style you like, you need to decide on the right size. Only in this case, you can count on the perfect fit of the garment.

How to determine the size of jeans for men and women, taking into account the main parameters?

The right size is essential. Not only comfort depends on it, but also the aesthetically attractive appearance of clothing. Small jeans will make unflattering folds, while large jeans will hang loosely, gathering in annoying folds.

So, how to choose the size of jeans? To do this, you need to take into account two main parameters for them, W and L on jeans mean:

L – Leg length;

W – Waist circumference.

Leg length (L) is a value that is measured from the ankles to the crotch. The number that corresponds to this parameter can be found on the label. The letter L is used to designate it. The letter W is used to indicate the waist size.

On high-quality original jeans, sizes are not marked in centimeters. For this, inches are used. The key designations L and W are usually written with a slash separator.

How to choose the right size for jeans produced by different brands? This issue deserves special attention. Different manufacturers may have different sizes for men’s and women’s jeans. The same size in such cases corresponds to different parameters. In order not to buy a large or small product, before purchasing it, you must definitely compare your measurements with the data in the size table offered by the manufacturer.

It is not recommended to buy jeans that are longer than you need. You can mistakenly think that at any time you can easily shorten them, but in the end this will not be the best idea. The optimal solution is to immediately purchase a product that fits perfectly not only in the hips, but also is suitable in length. Even if you take the pants to the tailor, he or she will not be able to shorten them in compliance with all the proportions intended by the manufacturer (almost always the knees are shifted down). The correct length of jeans for men and women is when the jeans slightly cover the back of the boot.

Jeans will fit well if the correct size is chosen, as well as additional recommendations are taken into account. Jeans should have:

– Neat seams.

– A strong zipper.

– A leather label.

Distortions and protruding threads are unacceptable.

A high waist on jeans will visually lengthen the legs, but shorten the torso. To get the opposite effect, choose a model with medium or low rise.

Now you know how to choose the right size jeans for men, as well as other important requirements that will ensure the product has a great fit.

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