Men’s summer clothing: tips and ideas

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It is difficult for men to endure high temperatures, they sweat more and faster than women and, accordingly, they need to wear a minimal set of clothes at such a time. How to dress for summer for a man: the advice of stylists is varied, but at the same time very simple and accessible.

The main characteristics of the summer men’s wardrobe

Summer men’s outfit should be functional, light and stylish at the same time. To make the choice of clothes not so difficult, you need to follow some rules, then shopping for summer clothing will be easier:

  • Choose the right fabric. Natural fabrics are the best ones for the season. It is good to wear silk, cotton, linen, Indian wrinkled fabric and sackcloth. However, natural fabrics easily wrinkle, so it’s better to look for blends, for instance, cotton with a bit of elastane will spare you from daily ironing your T-shirts.
  • Use layers. The probability of changing spaces, i.e., a air-conditioned office and heated street, during the day is high, so it is important to put on a few light garments, and then simply take them off or put them on at the right time.
  • Use less small details in summer clothes. They only weigh down the whole look and add heat to your body.
  • Choose your colors carefully. Monochromatic light blue, gray highlight sweat spots very catchy. Therefore, for solemn holidays it is better to choose a white color or a garment with a dense print.

Stylists’ recommendations: how to dress in business and casual style for a man

To look stylish, discreet and with a touch of classics, cotton items of different colors and models are enough. Lightweight poplin cotton shirt in white or any other light color is what you need for the office.

You can simply pick up a tie and cufflinks for it. You can also buy pants in the same fabric. They can be gray, light brown in color or in a small discreet stripe. Complete your look with a leather belt. Summer dress code for men can be replaced with a set of pants and a vest of the same fabric and a light shirt.

Summer dress code: men’s style mistakes and how to fix them

  • Avoid wearing mesh shirts;
  • Do not wear socks with sandals;
  • If you have a plump body type, do not buy tight-fitting T-shirts;
  • A shirt with unproportioally short sleeves is a taboo for men’s shoulders, as it visually narrows them;
  • Avoid shortened pants, better stick to standard-length pants from light fabric or shirts.

In hot weather it is understandable that you want to put on a minimum of clothes and go to work like that, but this will likely look unprofessional. Remember that full-length garments in a pastel color pattern made from lightweight fabrics can be well ventilated and look better than tacky Hawaiian shirts and sports shorts.

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