Benefit Rockateur Powder

Refined Rockateur powder blush from the famous American brand Benefit is a combination of silky texture, stylish packaging design, high quality and an exclusive peach-pink hue with golden and bronze tints. They perfectly refresh the complexion and make a bright note in the make-up, harmoniously complementing the image and emphasizing your natural beauty.
Blush possesses excellent durability, without slipping and without losing the intensity of the shade throughout the day. Pigments are easy to layering and shading, allowing you to adjust the density of application. Rockateur is a truly enjoyable and rewarding purchase that is great for creating both weightless daytime and expressive evening makeup. Decorate your cheeks with a playful blush and make-up bag with a charming Benefit box!
Method of application: type blush on a brush, brush away excess. Apply to face, evenly distributed on cheeks and cheekbones.
Benefit Rockateur Powder

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