Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter

The High Beam liquid highlighter from the famous American brand Benefit is a luxurious cosmetic product that will become a real decoration of your beauty arsenal. It has a light silky texture, evenly distributed over the skin and creating a smooth finish.

Highlighter will give your skin a healthy glow, highlighting the necessary areas of the face and adding a new touch to the make-up.
Using High Beam, you can make the cheekbones more expressive, “open” your eyes and visually simulate the oval of the face, decorating the skin with elegant pearl shimmer.
It’s indispensable for creating both a weightless daytime and spectacular evening make-up, harmoniously complementing your image and helping to look 100% irresistible.
Shine with Benefit!
Method of application: use High Beam as a blush, apply it on dark areas of the face to brighten them, add High Beam to foundation or care cream.

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