Yosemite bra

Yosemite Sports Bra is up for adventure

Fitness is a way to change your figure for the better. Exercise affects and modifies the body, mainly by increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat. As for women, there is one caveat — no one wants to lose beautiful breasts, which are already losing weight along with the whole body. What do we need from a sports bra? It is correct that he fixes the chest, limit its movement, thereby protecting the Cooper’s ligaments from stretching. In order to do this qualitatively, from the point of view of “engineering” you need to cover the breast as much as possible — because the insufficient coverage area, as in conventional bras, will not give the degree of fixation of the breast, which is necessary for physical activity. The more voluminous your breasts and the more intense your physical activity, the more closed bra you need. A quality, cleverly designed bra that will “hide” your breasts, taking care of your comfort and health.

What are the ingredients of a good sports bra?
First, it will be made of a dense multi-layer fabric that does not stretch well — this will provide the necessary support and will absorb sweat, removing it from contact with the skin — so that you will be comfortable during exercise. Hygroscopicity and quick drying are the key characteristics of a sports bra fabric.
Secondly, a good sports bra will definitely have wide, inelastic straps — such straps distribute the weight more evenly.
In addition, a material that wicks away sweat well and allows the skin to breathe is important. Therefore, a sports bra can be bought as a set with panties or shorts made of the same fabric.
In fact, the main function of a sports bra is to make the cups in one position, it should not “jump”.

Materials, colors and details
Yosemite bra presenyed in 5 shades.
Material: 72% polyester, 28% elastane.

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