Moccasins have long become classics, thanks to their ease of use and excellent ability to combine with various items of clothing.
Historically, moccasins are one of the oldest types of shoes. They were worn by North American Indians. But over time, the model has greatly changed, so just look at this suede light-blue model. The modern variation has a number of characteristic features:
-A flat sole made of soft material that eliminates slipping.
-A certain way of sewing the upper part, on which the outer seam is visible.
-The tongue located on the rise of the foot, supplemented by a jumper, brush or fringe.
SUEDE BOW MOCCASINS are usually worn without socks. If necessary, you can wear shortened socks-footprints that will not be visible. In this case, it’s customary to expose the ankle, for example, to wear shortened trousers or tuck them.
But in the new trends there is not even a hint of the ethnic origin of the model. What to wear with SUEDE BOW MOCCASINS? First of all, your casual outfit – any sets in casual style, setting aside sneakers or shoes. Oddly enough, they fit perfectly into frankly female images – with dresses and sundresses.

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