PRO FILT’R soft matte longwear foundation

Choose one of 50 awesome tones of PRO FILT’R soft matte longwear foundation

Product creates the perfect foundation for your long-lasting and flawless makeup. Due to its light consistency, the product covers the skin with a light veil, leaves no spots or streaks, is evenly distributed and stewed. The foundation contains special pigments that adjust to the natural color of your skin. The face will not look like a “mask” due to the presence of reflective particles.

Formula and texture of beauty product?
PRO FILT’R soft matte longwear foundation allows you to adjust the degree of cream coverage from mild to moderately dense. The tool can be layered. At the same time, the pores are not blocked, and your skin will breathe freely. A moisturizing complex prevents dry skin and creasing. The foundation also provides temporary protection against ultraviolet radiation.
Moisturizing ingredients help retain moisture in the skin for 24 hours, while soft-focus pigments give the skin an incredible glow. The skin is moisturized, looks silky and radiant.
Tonal cream containing gold extracts with the highest sun protection factor to maintain the health of your skin. Perfect for any skin, even for sensitive skin. It has amazing masking ability, effectively hides any imperfections in the skin, pigmentation and age signs. The product is characterized by excellent resistance, does not fall into the pores, does not emphasize wrinkles and peeling.
The product is evenly distributed, easy to shade, does not fall into the pores and does not provoke the appearance of an allergic reaction. The product evens out complexion, masks redness and other imperfections, so you will always look rested. Thanks to the reflective particles, the skin looks smooth and radiant. Ergonomic bottle with a convenient dispenser will provide not only comfortable application, but also economical consumption.

Details and method of application
Apply the required amount of foundation and blend evenly using a special sponge, brush or fingertips.

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