The ONOMIE brand introduced a balm that makes your cheeks and lips look perfect. A small amount of such a product is enough to refresh the face.
Unlike similar products, which are quite difficult to distribute on the skin, ONOMIE Cheek and Lip stick lays on the skin with a weightless layer. Since the product doesn’t contain oils, it doesn’t create an unpleasant stickiness. In order to achieve the desired result, it’s enough with the help of fingers to apply the product on the “apples” of the cheeks and on the lips.
If you blend the balm on the skin, the effect of the most natural blush will be created. Thanks to such a product, your image will be as natural and beautiful as possible. How to use: Use your fingers to apply a small amount of mousse to the apples of your cheeks or lips, just as you would normally apply a lip balm.

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