Nyota Pima cotton cardigan

NEW COLLECTION of spring 2021: Nyota Pima cotton cardigan for your cozy everydays

In the summer cool or winter cold, a cardigan will become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. Openwork, plain or with beige decor cardigans can witness the happy moments of your life.
Most often, long cardigans are cardigans with a length just above the knee. There are models with an asymmetric hem when the top is shorter and the bottom can be up to the middle of the calf or ankle-deep.
The sellers said that most of all women buy beige cardigans in the spring, when it’s still cool enough, but I already want to add light shades to my base wardrobe. An elongated sweater will successfully replace a light jacket, coat or jacket in windy weather.
At first glance, white cardigan may seem like a subtle and even boring thing. Believe? Look further!

How to wear and combine?
Such cardigans have remained in trend for several seasons. Specialists in the field of fashion recommend wearing long or short cardigans without buttons with a strap.
Consider wearing white cardigan and light ivory trousers or jeans for an easy to wear look.
Fans of a smart casual style will love the duet of a beige cardigan and white pencil skirt. As for shoes, you can complete the ensemble with black and beige leather shoes.

Color, material and other details
Nyota Pima cotton cardigan presented in following shades:
1) black;
2) ivory.
Material: 95% prima cotton, 5% lycra.

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