Mystic lake drum lampshade

Lighting art objects: mystic lake drum lampshade

Ideas from this article can be applied to any budget and apartment style: be it loft, classic or provence. The lampshade is the accent of the room. It decorates the room and connects all the interior elements into one whole. In 2021 lampshades of unusual shapes, as well as sphere chandeliers, will be appropriate. For large rooms, cascades are suitable  they will add lightness to the room. Chandeliers in the style of the 50-s and 70-s will continue to be popular.
All of these styles can be applied when choosing a luminaire. The difference between a pendant lamp and a chandelier is that it can give not only diffused light, but also directional one. This is convenient when lighting a specific space: a work surface in a kitchen or office.

How to combine stylishly
Modern lamps look spectacular and unusual not only when they are turned on. And the reason for this is unexpected materials that are used to create lamps. Glass and metal are acceptable, but more fashionable ceramics, polymers, acrylic. By the way, textile fringe has also returned to fashion.

Materials, colors and details
Mystic lake drum lampshade presentes in 3 shades: turquoise, fuschia and murky purple. Conscious consumption and an interest in preserving the environment affect not only the economy, but also interior design. In 2020-2021, lamps made from natural materials are still popular. It can be glass, wood, fabric, or bamboo. The combination of these elements refreshes the room and makes it more modern. Mystic lampshade made of 100% premium cotton.

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