Famous designers don’t hide their joy about the return of a turtleneck to fashion, because this wardrobe item has been associated with intelligence and mystery from the very beginning of its appearance.
For the first time, military pilots and car racers donned thin tight-fitting sweaters. Marlene Dietrich, a lover of the masculine style, strict looks, dimensionless jackets and extended trousers, adopted the habit of wearing a turtleneck everywhere. Then, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe, and Catherine Deneuve, and the famous Beatles, and Steve Jobs and other stars began to go out to the public in turtlenecks.
A turtleneck is a key element of an off-season wardrobe. We talk about it regularly every six months.
Turtlenecks of pink, yellow, green, brown and other colors are a matter of taste. But grey and black copies must be in every wardrobe. Firstly, 90-s minimalism is in fashion. Secondly, these turtlenecks, like a little black dress and a classic beige trench coat, are real magic wands.

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