KILLAWATT FREESTYLE highlighter duo will give the skin a radiance and fill it with freshness

This tool is designed to highlight those areas of the face that you need to emphasize. With it you can divert attention from problem areas, hide wrinkles and adjust the relief of the skin, emphasize the eyebrow line. This tool is designed to set the color accents correctly. Soft highlighter will give the epidermis a restful and healthy appearance. KILLAWATT highlighter duo can be applied with both a soft brush and fingers.

Formula and texture of beauty product
Gentle glare on certain areas of the face helps to create a more attractive, rested and young look. It is easy enough to brush with the protruding parts in the area under the eyes, on the back of the nose and chin, as the image begins to play in completely different colors. The dry highlighter is evenly applied to the skin without blemishes or gaps. The tool is well-showered, perfectly maintained throughout the day and “plays” soft satin glare on the face. Its compactness makes it easy to take on a date, work or long trip. Economical consumption allows you to use a highlighter for a long time.

Details and method of application KILLAWATT FREESTYLE highlighter duo
Apply highlighter to the highest areas of the forks.This will give them expressiveness and seductive shine, will create a visual lifting effect.
Apply highlighter on the ankles under the eyes, this will refresh the face and also remove dark circles under the eyes.
When applied to the nose, you can adjust its shape; on the inner corners of the eyes or shifted  visually correct the incision of the eyes, enlarging them; under and above the eyebrows — optically raise the eyebrows, make the forehead higher, give a face of relief; above the center of the upper lip — visually add more volume to the lips; on the chin — visually lengthen the oval of the face.

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