GANNI Dot-Print Georgette Long-Sleeve Midi Dress

GANNI Dot-Print Georgette Long-Sleeve Midi Dress is your awesome classic choice

Any black dress is associated with the unrivaled Coco, even if it is not small. In the entire history of fashion, this is perhaps the most stylish thing, which in different combinations is able to emphasize any individuality! Luxurious and versatile, this dress is again in trend, so why don’t you give it a chance?
Of course, you can look elegant in trousers or jeans, but still a truly feminine, stylish and sexy girl will only be in a dress that is long on the floor.
The perfect dress for when you want to look down to earth and out of this world at the same time. This high neck maxi dress in an astro print is ready for a day at the office or an evening out under the stars.

How to wear and combine

If you like to dress beautifully and at the same time feel comfortable and relaxed, try this combination of a black midi dress and an olive bomber jacket. To ensure that the ensemble doesn’t turn out to be too strict, you can wear white sneakers. We are just crazy about this look and no doubt will take it as a note for the incomprehensible spring weather.
The combination of a black midi dress and a white leather jacket with embroidery is in great demand among connoisseurs of practical convenience. A pair of blue leather heeled sandals will seamlessly integrate with this ensemble. Isn’t that a cool off-season decision?
A black midi GANNI dress and a yellow leather jacket are a great option for girls who never sit still. If you like to use different styles in your looks, you can wear black suede over the knee boots. When the winter season recedes and changes in the offseason, we girls want to be bright and charged with positive. Such an ensemble will certainly help in this.
If you have a difficult day, during which you will have to move a lot, then put on a maxi dress with a beige or golden sweater of a free cut. Try to choose a knitted model to add some touch and comfort to the image. As for shoes, gray cowboy boots or ankle boots matching the color of the dress would be an ideal option. The combination of these three things will create a practical look for every day.

Colors and details

GANNI Dot-Print Georgette Long-Sleeve Midi Dress presented in nulti black shade.
Content: shell 100% polyester; lining 95% polyester and 5% spandex.
GANNI Dot-Print Georgette Long-Sleeve Midi Dress

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