Cricut EasyPress Raspberry Mini

New functional of Cricut EasyPress Raspberry Mini

Bring on the unusual objects and improbable projects. Now you can get professional heat-transfer results with Cricut EasyPress Mini! Whether it’s a shapely object or an extra-small and unique project, including baby shoes, hats, stuffed animals, and more, you’ll have what it takes to make a successful heat transfer. The design is compact and thoughtful, so you can easily curve with contours, get between buttons, and even squeeze into seams. Three heat settings are all you need for every heat-transfer project, including Infusible Ink transfers when used on a compatible blank. An insulated base and an auto-shutoff feature are safety features you’ll love. Plus it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to store. Works with major brands of HTV, iron-on, and the entire Infusible Ink family of products. It’s a perfect complement to any Cricut cutting machine.

How to use?
Always use Cricut EasyPress at room temperature. Before using, ensure that fabrics and other base materials are completely dry.
Always return EasyPress to its Safety Base when not in use.  Before using, ensure there is no tape or protective film over its control panel.

Infusible Ink projects
Carefully follow the instructions for your specific project in these Infusible Ink How-To articles.
Tips to keep in mind:
☑Use a Cricut EasyPress Mat rather than a folded towel. Towels hold too much moisture and cause unwanted transfer effects.
☑For precise time and temperature settings and recommended pressure for your project, refer to the Cricut Heat Guide.
☑Avoid seams, buttons, and zippers when positioning Cricut EasyPress Raspberry Mini on base material. If the heat plate crosses over these things the design will not receive even heat, resulting in unwanted effects. When applying designs to unusual objects, around seams, or in hard-to-reach places, use Cricut EasyPress Mini.
☑Do not slide Cricut EasyPress or move hands on the press during transfer. Keep stack as still as possible.
☑Use with extreme caution. Machine operates at high temperatures that can cause burns.  Similarly, base materials will be hot after preheating and transfer. Allow them to cool before handling.

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