Chic Pleated Collar See-Through Women’s Blouse

Chic Pleated Collar See-Through Women’s Blouse is one of the most beautiful, vibrant and expressive colors in the palette. It received its name in honor of a semiprecious stone of an unusual, blue-green hue.
Chic Pleated Collar See-Through Women’s Blouse looks equally good on blondes, and brunettes, and on foxy-red. Turquoise suits both swarthy and pale-skinned, as well as young ladies with pinkish or peach skin. The main thing is to choose a good shade that emphasizes the dignity of your appearance.
Ensemble of a turquoise blouse and gray wide trousers is easy to repeat, and the result will exceed all your expectations.
Chic Pleated Collar See-Through Women's Blouse

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