CHEEKY BLENDING BRUSH ONOMIE is the perfect choice for those looking to excel in makeup. It evenly blends powder and blush, making the tone and layer of the applied product uniform. The fur of the accessory is selected with precision – it has optimal indicators of the length, thickness of the villi and their density to ensure the maximum effect when using a brush.
The thick short handle of the tool is convenient in the process. Pile doesn’t climb out and doesn’t lose its original shape, which is another advantage of the accessory. The brush helps to perfectly apply compact and crumbly powder and blush. A large head area allows you to quickly and efficiently distribute the product.
Caring for it is simple – after use, wipe with a dry cloth and the tool is ready for new work.
Forget about the bright border in the tone of the face and neck – with this accessory there will be no such oversight! CHEEKY BLENDING BRUSH ONOMIE is a useful tool in your cosmetic bag!
Method of application: dip the brush into powder, then remove the excess. Start applying from the center of the forehead, moving down the cheekbones until you reach the chin. Lightly brush your nose and cheeks. To clean the brush with a small amount of detergent with water, bring to a gentle foam and rinse with plenty of water. Blot with a soft cloth and leave to dry in a horizontal position.

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