Animal Print Tote Bag

Leopard bags are a fashion trend that has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. This means that this is an excellent occasion to update your wardrobe. If you think that a leopard is a too defiant and aggressive print, then in this article we will try to prove the opposite.
For the first time, fashionable leopard-style looks on the fashion weeks appeared in 1947 in the spring-summer collection of world designer Christian Dior. Then it was a New Look chiffon dress. And after some time, many stars of that time appreciated an interesting design and began to create beautiful images using an animal print.
But the real boom in the popularity of the leopard occurred in the 70s, when the style of glam rock appeared. At the same time, Roberto Cavalli lays the foundation for his love of animal colors. Then the designer made his ideal sexual cat woman, the image of which many women still strive for.
Before you buy animal print tote bag you need to decide what exactly you need it for: for a walk with friends, for going to work, to the movies or parties. Such bags have excellent capacity and a significant drawback – it’s difficult to create a harmonious look with it. After all, adding another element with a leopard print will result in a bust. The same thing happens if you use more accessories than necessary, and therefore a large leopard bag is worn only with plain clothes. Only in this case will it be possible to create a cool and stylish image.
Animal Print Tote Bag

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