Alternative Apparel Day Off French Terry Hoodie

Alternative Apparel Day Off French Terry Hoodie created special for your basic wardrobe

Hoodies with two colors have long been firmly entrenched in the wardrobes of almost all women. There are several reasons for this: they are convenient, practical and versatile. Such qualities in clothing are very much appreciated.
Let’s look into the distant 70-80 years of the XX century. Shortage, there is not a large selection of clothes, everything looks rather dull and the same. And finally, clothes appear that have won the love of many residents of the country of advice. It was a sweatshirt, a simple sports jacket with a zipper with cuffs on the sleeves and along the lower edge of the product.
The real boom in the Olympic sweaters came during the 1980 Olympics. Initially, it was worn by athletes in combination with sweatpants, later the Olympic sweater migrated to the masses and became not only men’s clothing, but also women’s clothing. But the biggest popularity of the Olympics was in the 90s – early 2000s, when the sports brands Nike and Adidas made their way to the global market.

How to wear and combine

Hoodies with an animal print – this is something that breaks all the rules and creates an actual wardrobe, diluting boring images. This season, hoodies have finally become universal clothing. Having gained a foothold in a sporty style, they slowly but surely moved into casual and classic outfits. Only the style of the sweatshirt remains unchanged, which is its trademark difference.
Jeans and a zipper sweatshirt seem to be made for each other. They in tandem personify the current everyday sports casual. Knitted soft and cozy sweatshirts can compete with a jacket or jacket that looks too formal.

Color, material and other details

Alternative Apparel Day Off French Terry Hoodie presented in single color scheme of gray pattern.
Made with 100% Organic Cotton. Fair Trade Certified. Best selling Double Knit fabric is made of two layers that are stitched together: the outer face, which is a layer of our heathered tri-blend fabric. And the inside, which is a layer of crazy soft jersey.
Alternative Apparel Day Off French Terry Hoodie

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